Department of Dravya Guna



Dravyaguna Vigyan deals with basic principles of mode of action of drug and detailed study of herbal drugs thus creating platform for therapeutic application of herbs. This subject is backbone of clinical practice. The subject also includes standardization of Medicinal plants. Amongst all the available sources of drugs in various therapies herbal drugs are proved to be safest; so, more and more people are attracted and wish to undergo only herbal therapy. These Herbal Medicines are gaining more & more importance not only in India but also abroad. The subject also has great potential in industries as Dravyaguna experts are required in different fields like in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, research Institutes, Medicinal plant conservation & cultivation sector etc.



The department aims at making student efficient in using Ayurvedic medicinal plants in various ailments. This requires thorough knowledge of medicinal plant in identification of good quality material.

Working knowledge of Botany is also given thus Dravyaguna experts can accomplish important task of maintaining quality of raw material in pharmacies. Along with detail properties and uses in various diseases, the right doses, time of administration and vehicle of medicines are thoroughly taught which are very important in treating diseases by Ayurvedic principles and medicines.

Students are made aware about propagation & cultivation techniques of important Medicinal plants. Students are encouraged to find drugs with promising results from herbal traditions practiced in remote areas with the help of Ethno botany.



  • Ample of plant species as well as no. of plants in herbal garden.
  • Wet preserved specimens of various parts of plants.
  • Dry preserved specimens of various parts of plants.
  • Well established pharmacognosy lab with all necessary instruments & equipment.
  • Departmental Library containing various samhitas, nighantus and reference books of Ayurveda & Modern science.





Sr. No. Full Name Designation Teacher Code Total Experience Email Address
1 DR. MRS.PARMA SEEMA NISHANT Associate Professor AYDG00568 6 Y 10 M 15 D
2 DR. HADOLE SHRIKANT PRADEEP Associate Professor AYDG00524 5 Y 5 M 4 D
3 DR. MRS.MAYURI MANOHAR DHOK Assistant Professor AYDG01760 0 Y 2 M 16 D