Mrs. Tarini Nikhade


    Late Shri  Nikhade

        Our Inspiration

         Mr. Jaiswal



Jupiter Ayurved Medical College is run by Gurudas Shikshan Sanstha

Realising the need of Medical Education & Treatment facilities for rural & urban area Gurudas Shikshan Sanstha started this college with permission of the Govt. of Maharashtra Medical Education & Drugs Department, Mumbai & C.C.I.M. (Central Council of Indian Medicine), New Delhi and Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. Govt. of Maharashtra & C.C.I.M.(Central Council of Indian Medicine), New Delhi permitted the college to conduct the B.A.M.S. Four & Half Year plus One Year Internship Course.


The Colllege is located at Shankarpur, Tah. & Dist. Nagpur. Bus dacilities is provided from Jupiter High School, Sawarkar Nagar, Khamla Road, Nagpur.

The history of Medical Science can be trade back to obscure and expansive horizon of the distant past. It is the oldest existing medical system having its rooots in the heritage of the ancient Indian which dates back to vedic. The vedic scripture extolled the heeling properties of herbsand leaves in reliving the illness of the mankind and to keep men healthy. The treatment prescribed in the sacred text or Ayurveda does not only cures the diseases but it is complete science of life. Indian philosophy which deals with the good of mankind at whole.

We have to take the benefits of this science to the people in a true spirit of understanding and render service. An Ayurvedic Medicine is preventive, protective, curative and nutritive which are the plus points. The inner buried fundamental dcan be interpreted by the scientific scholars and accredited academicians in the dield of Ayurveda. Day by day changes and entirely scientific evolution of herbs of Ayurveda has achieved a lot.

The sole intentions is to sperad out Ayurveda message multi dimensional form to future generation.


B.A.M.S. Degree Course Ayurvedic Education should aim at producing graduates of Profound Scholarship having basis of Ayurveda with Scientific knowledge in acccordance with Ayurvedic fundamentals with Extensive Practical training who would be able and efficient Teachers, Research Workers & Kayachikitsak(Physicians) & Shalya Chikitsak (Surgeons) fullycompetent to serve in the Medical and Helth Service of the country.

For B.A.M.S. 5 1/2 Year full time Degree Course College offered following facilities.

  • Bus facilities

  • Hostel for Boys & Girls

  • Hospital with O.P.D. & I.P.O.

  • Library

  • Pathology Lab & Departmental Laboratory

  • Sports & Ground (Games facilities)

  • Trained Teaching Staffs & Doctors

  • Herbal Garden

  • Accommodation for Doctors