Department of Rachana Sharir


Rachana Sharir is a 1st year BAMS subject.


Here the students along with theory study Human body parts through dissection methods and become an open-minded researcher and an intelligent clinician. This department is equivalent to that of Anatomy of modern medical science and it deals with anatomical aspects of the human body including histology, osteology, organology, etc. The Rachana Sharir subject comprises study of Normal body structures documented by Ayurveda and the Acharyas as well as the study of Modern Anatomy.

In the course of 1st year BAMS of Rachana Sharir each and every student has to perform complete Dissection of Cadaver in a systematic manner during his part of curriculum.

Rachana Sharir is an extremely dynamic and interesting subject to an inquisitive Practitioner and Researcher of Ayurveda. All the medical sciences require more or less basic knowledge of Rachana Sharir. Hence the study is indeed the most important of basic sciences of the life.



  • To teach the knowledge of all the vital structures of Human body theoretically and practically.
  • To raise the awareness of movement like Body Donation activity.
  • To enhance knowledge of Sharir with modern anatomy
  • To find clinical aspects of ayurvedic Sharir concepts
  • To evaluate importance of Sharir in modern era



  • This department has a fully-fledged dissection hall
  • Cadaver preservation section
  • It has a well-preserved elegant museum with rare specimens and fine exhibits.
  • The department also has an exclusive library.


Sr. No. Full Name Designation Teacher Code Total Experience Email Address
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2 DR.SHARDA KASHINATH MILMILE Assistant Professor AYRS00351 3 Y 10 M 30 D